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Jack's Fun Place is located in the seaside resort town of Ito Japan. We have been in operation since 2008 and like to think of ourselves as a cultural center with many types of fun activities for everyone. We offer camera classes from beginner to advanced and Photography Instructors courses through IFPO, photographic workshops of the Izu Peninsula, beginner to advanced computer photo enhancing courses, and language training. Our courses are taught in English and Japanese.

Our chief instructor, Jack, has worked for many international magazines as a professional motorsports photographer/test driver/writer. There are many books and magazines that feature his photographs around the world. He has worked as a news photographer and covered events such as NFL football, Japan Baseball League (NPB), rock concerts for The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Madonna and David Bowie. He worked as  a wedding photographer in Tokyo for 5 years. He was the photographic Instructor for San Diego City Collage and has spent many hours in the ocean as an underwater photographer/Instructor/Instructor trainer for NASDS Diving Instructors Collage in San Diego (OWI #8) and The PADI Diving Instructors College in San Diego. 

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As a commercial photographer and videographer for motorcycle and car equipment manufactures he sharpened his skills in studio and lighting work. Now he runs our photography and language programs and works as a freelance photojournalist. He is a member of National Association of Press Photographers (USA), American Image News Service, US Press Corps Org, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, IFPO Hall of Fame member, IFPO Master Photographer, Nikon Professional  Services member (Japan), International Freelance Photographers Origination member for 23 years and over 40 years of teaching experience.  He teaches photography workshops for D-shooters International and is the Editor-in-Chief for the JGB-Imaging Group .


どのクラスも少人数、個性を大切に考え、手作り教材でハートフルな構成が好評  カメラクラスは初心者から中級者までの基礎クラスと各自のターゲットに合わせたセミナーを開催、インストラクターコース・PCを使った編集コースと選択肢は 多く効率的に英語と日本語で学べます 



また外務省外国人プレス・報道写真記者としてNFL Football・日本プロ野球、来日ミュージシャン(The Rolling Stones・Paul McCartney・Madonna・David Bowie)のイベントをカバー、F1・ GPレースのチーフカメラマンとして活躍後、 東京でウェディングフォトグラファーとして5年活躍。

 Jackの海洋好きは、自宅に三つも水槽がある事で皆さんご存知ですが、彼はサンディエゴ市立大学で写真インストラクターを勤める傍ら・NASDダイビングインストラクター大学(OWI # 8)・PADIダイビングインストラクター大学で講師として働きました



Jack Glenn Beasley

US PRESS CORPS メンバー・American International News Serviceメンバー


Nikon Professional Service(Japan)メンバー・IFPO名誉会員


International Freelace Photographers Organization マスター写真家・NAPP(USA)メンバー



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Meet Our other Instructors, 

Yoko comes to us as an highly recognized top office manager and an excellent photographer. She is our GM and Assistant Instructor and is always there to help you with your learning experience.


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"We look forward to serving you and your photography needs as well as helping you to communicate internationally." 

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