The International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO) focuses on the business of photography - how to make money with your camera. IFPO members are provided with direct moneymaking programs that work. IFPO members around the world are using these programs with great success.

IFPO is almost 80,000 members strong and is recognized and accepted in more than 143 countries. IFPO membership gives you the affiliation, support and credentials you need to get you and your camera where you want to go. The strong IFPO organization carries the weight to pave the way for individual photographers to succeed by supporting each other and sharing true-life success stories.

International divisions and affiliates of IFPO have been organized to better serve large groups of photographers who are concentrated in specific locales around the world. Divisions are operating in Chile,Thailand, India, Denmark, Japan, and Puerto Rico. Today's Photographer is mailed to 142 countries and advertising reaches 32 countries. 

We are the distributor in Japan for IFPO. The U.S. IFPO headquarters maintains a business office which is fully staffed 5 days a week for the benefit of the members. Membership and program records are electronically managed and updated daily. Customer service telephone and FAX numbers are widely published and available to every IFPO member. The order desk is manned 12 hours most days including weekends and holidays. A Press Coordinator is on duty daily during business hours to manage the unique IFPO Press Programs.

If you are interested in joining IFPO please e-mail us at jacks@seagreen.ocn.ne.jp or call 0557 36 0800


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