Photograph workshops フォトワークショップ

We have a wide number of photography workshops that will enhance your photo experience and give you more fun in shooting. Here are just a few.


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Speedlight Workshop      フラッシュの使い方

In this workshop you will learn the basics of using one or more speedlights for a more professional look.                                     





Close-up Workshop                          クローズアップ

Explore the world of small. This workshop teaches how to get those photos you see in books or magazines of the detail of a flower, an eye of a dragonfly or just a pattern on the water as a drop splashes down from above.

HDR Workshop                       HDRテクニック

Want a photo with great tone through out? or just some really dramatic skies. HRD may then be for you. High Dramatic Range photos are seen everywhere in todays photography. Learn what makes a good HDR photo and how it can enhance your photography.

Computer enhancing                  PCを使って編集

Every digital photo needs a little correction to really stand out. This workshop will take you through the steps of a good workflow for adjusting your prize photo to its best. 

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