Digital Photography School デジタルカメラクラス

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Established in 2008 Jack's School of Digital Photography is the leading photography system in the Izu Peninsula of Shizuoka Japan with new up-dated courses and teaching skills. We Issue our own certifications sanction by the International Freelance Photographers Organization a world wide, 147 con tries with 80,000 members, photography certifying  organization.

 2008年からスタートしたJack'sのデジタルカメラクラスは常に最新の技術 と情報で伊豆半島におけるデジタルカメラクラスを先導してきました

Starting in September of 2012 we will offer roaming type courses where you may chose your class location in Mishima, Numazu, or Atami.  This makes it very easy for you to attend a course because of the train connections.

 秋からクラスは三島・沼津・熱海と開催会場を移動、参加する場所 を選べ・より便利なロケーション(駅の周辺)で開催する予定

 The Basic course is four sessions, three hrs. each twice a month for two months. We will have one class session out in the field and the other three in classroom sessions.

 ベーシッククラスは二ヶ月四回で終了、月二回・各クラス三時間の構成  そのうち一回は屋外での実習となります

 また上・中級者向けに学びたいジャンルを選べるフォトワークショップを  開催、効率的にスキルアップが可能です

Who should attend:

Those new to digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) photography, or those coming back to photography after many years away.



What to expect: A good understanding of the basics of photography, terminology, techniques and solutions for specific challenges allowing you to unleash your creative potential.


  • Understanding ISO, shutter 
  • speed and aperture
  • Creative use of exposure controls
  • Autofocus options
  • Basics of flash
  • Camera buttons, dials and key menus
  • Metering and Exposure
  • Highlights and Histogram
  • Understanding the JPEG/NEF (RAW) choice
  • Exposure Modes: From Auto to Manual
  • White Balance and Lens choices
  • Light, Composition, Framing
  • Image resolution and how it affects email and  prints
  • Sharing - email, print and web!                                                                   
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